Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good morning comrades!

Well the race season is basically underway, and most of my buddies will be returning to Boulder very soon!
This time of year is always a little nerve racking. Everyone is going great right now...already! For example, Crowie wins Aussie Long Course Champs, Leon Griffin 2nd place. Matty Reed fit as ever has podiumed twice in the last three weeks! Miami and Oceanside! Brad Kahlefeldt wins Mooloolaba ITU World Cup in Australia. The season has kicked off, and these guys are ready! Me? Well I am just getting there. After a season of injury last year, to consistent training throughout the winter months here in Boulder. Things are on track, and I have just got myself a coach by the name of "Phil Cutti". He's a lab professor from Stanford University, so I'm pretty confident he knows his stuff!
I have been consistent with my long 25-30km runs. Run sessions on the treadmill, and swimming throughout the winter.

I also got my bike new "Sixth Sense" TT bike from Tommaso! It is cool, and smooth! My cycling performances have dramatically picked up in training, but I think thats most likely down to the excitement of having a new bike kitted out with the top line "Profile Design" bars...or is it? Maybe it is just faster!
Whatever the reason, I'm looking forward to racing on it.

Well, I am planning on racing Galveston 70.3 in three weeks. It is a toss up between that race, or St.Croix 70.3 a week later. Of course St.Croix is a prestigious race, one of my favorites, and is in the Caribbean! But it's also really expensive to get to. It's a long season coming up, and I feel the excitement in the air! Oh I love race season!

Anyway, hope everyone is well, and speak to you soon.