Friday, February 19, 2010

Hey! How is everybody? Things here in Boulder have been good. Valentines day was great. I was so romantic as usual, and to top it off I got sponsorships from my favorite sports companies. I have waited and approached my top rated product companies, and I was so happy when I got the response I wanted. So first off came Jack and Adams bike store in Texas...these guys are amazing! Then Tommaso bikes (beautiful TT bike), Newton shoes...which I absolutely love I am running better than ever before. Their technology is fantastic, and when you research and understand it, you'll never go back to other shoes. Accelerade, Endurox, Forze from PHL. This nutrition in my opinion is the best I have ever used. I started using it years ago when I found it in Aus. I won't use anything else>. Then came 2XU. I really love everything they produce. The wetsuits are fantastic. I realised that when I borrowed a friend of mines (Leon Griffin) wetsuit for Calgary 70.3...I came 3rd out of the water. Then, I am pleased to announce that Rudy Project are my sunglasses and helmet sponsor...have you seen the new TT wingspan? Need I say more?

I am very fortunate that I only wrote to the sponsors with the products that I have complete %100 confidence in and no others. I like to train and race with the best equipment possible. I am so fortunate and appreciative for these companies to have faith in my ability.

So what else is new? I have been sick for a week now! Some virus tore it up through Bouler, and I was one of it's victims!

So hence I have been lying around for 3 days doing nothing but cleaning and moaning. It's unfortunate really cos training was going great until Monday. I was smashing up the gym, tearing up the roads and roughing up the treadmills...

Even my new Newton shoes thought "Crowies" feet were in them...sorry guys, just my little things. Anyway, I'm all motivated and itchy to get rid of this cold, and then back to the miles. I saw Crowie and Griffo had awesome races in Geelong, and it just makes me realise that the season is creeping up on us fast. There's work to do.

Oh, also...who saw Chris Lieto and Armstrong race the other day in Kona? That was awesome! Way to go for Chris, that time was amazing and even though he is the best cyclist in triathlon, I believe he demonstrated how tough triathletes can be. Until next time, Hadley

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday morning "Team Hadley" ride

Hi There!

So just keeping you up to date with the training. This morning was the "Team Hadley" Saturday morning ride. It wasn't my idea to call it that, but some people have said that Julie Dibens insisted that it was only right to name it after me...after all it is my ride, and I am in charge. So the group consisted of myself, my lady friend, Heidi Spees, Julie Dibens (3x World Champion), Tim O'Donnell (ITU Long course World Champ), Nikki Butterfield (pro cyclist), and Greg Remaly (pro triathlete).

If you think that cycling with women automatically means that it's going to be an easy ride..well then you're wrong. I have no shame in admitting that Julie put the hurt on us today.

These women are strong, and they don't feel pain like we do. Or they just don't moan like us. Nikki and Julie were pushing it all the way round at the front of our pack. One guy flew past us, only to realise his mistake 10 minutes later as the girls pulled us forward, caught him, and dropped him like a hot stone.

I had the ego, stupidity and the arrogance to cycle side by side with TO (Tim O'Donnell)at the front with Julie on my wheel as we approached the climb up to Carter Lake. For those of you that don't know this, the climb is a beast and a common time trial for the cyclists here. I thought I was being clever by upping the pace before the climb started. I assumed that as soon we hit the steep section, Julie's power could not match mine. Imagine my surprise as I stood out of the saddle to power on up the mountain, only to glare at this guy power smoothly past me...oh hang on, thats not a guy...thats Julie Dibens!!! "Oh bollocks!" I thought to myself as I immediatley jumped on her wheel...I'm getting chicked!!! TO had more pride than I (and he's a strong cyclist, so am I but...mmm) and managed to tackle her all the way up to Carter Lake. Me? I realised that Julie must have been cheating somehow...maybe I had a flat, or something to that affect. So I let them go, I was just taking it easy today anyway...not, but thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it damn it! I have come to the conclusion that Julie should be called "Julian Dibens", as I really don't know any other woman cyclist that ride that strong, and that fast.

You might think after the climb that that was the end of it. No, think again. We still had 2hours left of our ride. So Julie took great plesure in twisting the knife in us.

Well fortunatley, I managed to make it home after a 121km time trial! Awesome ride, and just what I needed.

Thank you to "Team Hadley" for accompanying me on this ride haha!

Speak to you soon!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hadley's training

Hello everyone!

I know what you're thinking, "another blog...two in two weeks??" Yes, I haven't been very productive on keeping up to date on writing my blogs in the past. This is because it has been winter and not much in terms of triathlon has been happening. But since I have moved in with Greg 'G - Force' Remaly, I noticed just how often he writes on his blog...twice a day! So with guilt as my motivator, I am writing one tonight.

Well training has been going really well. Myself and the "G-Force" have been ripping up the tarmac on the hills here in Boulder. On Saturday we climbed Old Stage, and Lee hill, then James Town twice. For those of you who do not know these rides, take it from me that they are steep, and long. It's only about a 3.5 hour ride, but it has about 6000ft of climbling from where we start off on the 'ol Thunderbird Drive. I am a little disapointed as wherever we go, Greg seems to bring his little camera and take shots for his blog. Unfortunatley I am not that organised (or nerdy) so, sorry folks there's no nice little pictures to look at on this site haha!

If you wanna get an idea of the kind of person Greg the "G - Force" is, then take a look at his blog ( He is highly opinionated with a high intellect. The mixture of the two has produced a very amusing and interesting blog site, with an unusual array of topics.

It's very unusual for an athlete to actually have some level of intelligence when it comes to politics and government issues. The more amazing thing is that he has this intellect as well as having a sense of humour...he thinks my jokes are amazing! Which they are of course.

Anyway, things are going great. We have our apartment all kitted out. We even brought an amazing fisher price type vacuum cleaner the other day.
I was excited about this and spent the next hour vacuuming our whole place...perfect.

My new Tommaso bike should be here soon, so I am really happy about that. I have also got some new potential sponsors on the horizon. Jack and Adams bike shop in Texas have been awesome and were my first sponsors to sign me up...thank you to them! I'll keep you updated on the potentials as they transpire.

I forgot to tell you something! My big sis had a baby on the 30th of January...she is gorgeous. I have named her "the girl formaly known as Chloe-Lea". Thats obviously because they named her Chloe-Lea, but then decided they didn't like it as I laughed when they told me they named her after Steve's (my sister Steff's fiance) Moms dog! HAHA! So congratulations to Steffers and Stevo! I am an uncle for the second time now...woohooo!
Little Chelsea and little Steffers.
Steffers and Stevo

Hope you're all well!