Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since I've written on here. The reason is my dad said that I write too much and he's fed up of reading it! Can you believe that??? You bastards! You're probably agreeing with him lol!

Well, I'm just lying in bed in Florida the night before the night before the big race...the 70.3 World Championships. Am I nervous? Not yet. I've actually felt pretty relaxed. The travel here started off well...that was until my girlfriend borrowed my phone and then left it in the car. I asked for it as we're about to board the plane and she replied "Oh...umm, have I got it?" Not a good sign. So I have no way of contacting anyone at all whilst I'm here. But oh well, time to focus on the race!

Today I just chilled out with the girlfriend and by chance bumped into my good mate Leon Griffin and his misses. So we went for coffee and cookies. Nice. He looks fit at the moment which is good. Looks like the Aussie training is working.
As for me. I feel pretty good too. I have been swimming well and cycling well. Unfortunately its the same story about the run. I have been desperately trying to get this injury in my soleus sorted in time to get run fit for this race. I have now just been able to run for four weeks and have managed to get up to an hour every other day. It's not ideal, but it's better than nothing. To be honest, it's the last race of the season, and racing well next year is where my career can be defined. So I'm just convincing myself that I am super fresh lol!

Anyway, I don't want to keep you awake reading this for too Dad has his wish, I'll keep these posts short from now on lol! I'll write again after the race and let you know how it goes!

See you soon


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hey, how is everyone?

Well here comes my latest race review from Lake Stevens! I know, I know you have been waiting with anticipation!

The week-end started off great. My good mate Leon Griffin (Griffmeister) dropped me off at the bus station where I met up with my travel and race buddy Joe Gambles. Joe was so excited to see was weird! I got on the bus and he's like "Hadley, Hadley sit here, sit here next to me!" I was going to anyway as he was the only person on the bus that I knew and we had already arranged to meet up...but I was now a bit dubious about this. I'm just joking of course, actually I think he was trying to hide from me.

Anyway we both got on different flights to Seattle.

As I landed and retrieved my bags I got a call from Joe saying he was waiting outside for me with the car. I walked out there and I saw this massive f-150 Ford truck. I looked across the road and just saw a little hand waving at me from inside the cabin. No head, just a hand. All of a sudden the door opens and something jumped out. I saw this little hat just above the bonnet bobbing along to the front. All of a sudden Joe appeared from behind the huge grill! I was laughing out loud! Joe was grinning from ear to ear all proud of this beast he just rented. This truck was huge in comparison.
So I threw my stuff in the trailer and climbed up to the passenger seat. It wasn't until I shut the door that realised I couldn't see over the dash either lol! We thought we were so cool! Driving along with extreme fake confidence as Joe kept saying "move out of the way, we got an f-150!" Lol!
Anyway we got the hotel and unpacked our things after about an hour of driving and prepared ourselves for the week-end that lay ahead.

Right, now for the race report! I actually didn't have a wetsuit for the race as mine ripped in a race in Utah. So I went to see the Blue Seventy guys which lent me a wetsuit for the week-end. The suit fitted great even though I had to get a medium tall.
The gun went and I smashed out the first 200metres as I had to get across from the far right to the left to get onto the draft zone of the leader. After about 400metres I was settled in 3rd place with someone tapping on my feet in my draft zone. I didn't care, I carried on pulling my way through the water and eventually dropped the tail with 400metres to go. I ran out of the water with more air in my lungs than I thought I would have (altitude training) and jumped onto my bike.
I started off well as I have been feeling a lot stronger recently than I had in past races. Thats what I thought until Joe Gambles came rolling on by with ease. Then 3 minutes later Ben Hoffman followed. I still felt good and kept this position for the remainder of the 40km first lap. The course was tough and hilly. The second lap was infiltrated with thousands of Age Group athletes. It was great to see them though, hammering through the course. I find Age Group athletes extremely inspirational. Most of them get up early to train, go to work, come home and train once again...awesome! I get up go training, then have a nap...maybe I'm not so tough in comparison to some of these guys.
I eventually got caught by the chase pack of pro's on the start of the second lap and this was the position I stayed in for the remainder of the bike leg. I entered transition 2 in eighth position.

I couldn't believe how good I felt as I ran out of transition 2 like a cheetah!! (The animal kind...not the performance enhancing kind). I ran from eighth to 7th in a couple of minutes. Then into 6th, 5th, 4th...I was excited now! I stormed my way through the field and found myself in 3rd place gaining on second! This felt easy, it must have been the altitude training! I wasn't going to complete the run due to my injury, but now I'm in third and I was counting the cash baby! One of the athletes said "Hey take it easy on me" as I went past. My thoughts were "hey, I am flying this". My sure felt confidence faded extremely fast when I noticed that the athlete in second place seemed to have got a heck of lot faster...or was I getting slower? The answer to that question was to be revealed very shortly as my legs continued to move, but on autopilot...and much slower than what I wanted to them to. All of a sudden my legs were really heavy and I started thinking about food...UH OH! I felt a sickening chill run down my neck as I realised I was blowing! 8 miles in to the run I was dying, and dying fast! I went from being like a cocky adolescent "watch this, I'm awesome today!" To acting like a pleading old man on his zimmerframe "Please, please let me have 3rd guys, don't catch me, I promise I'll mention you in my speach". Well they didn't listen to me those bastards. I found myself in 4th, then 5th and each time my fury was building up to a degree of desperation. I was also counting down the cash..."No! Thats 500 bucks out my pocket!!! Come back! I was sure that I could on to 5th...until Jamie White ran past me. I was furious! People talk about good sportsmanship...Jamies a great guy...but when it comes to the race, there is no sportsmanship. I was desperate to hang on and over take him once again. He was 15 seconds up the road. We were both done! Fighting like two old women over a car parking space. I just couldn't get there. Jamie ran down the shoot, and I followed 15 seconds later...I was absolutely exhausted. My leg was in pieces, but at least I was home and hung on to some decent cash. 6th was ok. I was sad to have let my opportunity of a podium get away from me, but I had no miles in the legs and the race decided to show me who the boss was...and it wasn't me. I was proud of myself though for fighting through such a battle especially considering the circumstances.

Well, I went to the awards ceremony, grabbed my cheque and enjoyed the atmosphere. The race was great and it was a pleasure to support it. I will for sure be there next year to get my podium place!

Well that evening, the bad boys that love to party went wild. I limped across to the hotel restaurant with Bo Jangles (Joe Gambles) and sipped some cheap house wine whilst eating dinner. Hence we were drunk as skunks in ten minutes. (Joe was drunk in 1 minute, on one sip, but I'm way more masculine and took a bit longer lol).
We then went to the hotel room to discuss what lay ahead for our night of drunken mayhem on the town...during which, Joe fell asleep. I was tired also, so after getting my pj's on I jumped into bed too...just to clarify...I jumped into my bed, not his, there was two beds in one room lol! It was 9:00 o'clock you know...well past our bed time!
So to conclude this mammoth assignment I know you're all eager to find out how my injured calf is now. Well I have since had to have 4 weeks off running totally. I need to be healthy for the 70.3 World Champs in Nov. I won't be 100% fit, but my goal is to be injury free with a couple of months of good training behind me.

Well amigos, I'm signing off. Please feel free to write some beautiful comments about how awesome I am lol!

Hadmeister General oxo (the kisses are for the ladies lads, not you!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hey! How's it going guys!? Sorry I haven't written on this blog for so long, and I know how much you lot love reading this blog.
Well the truth is I have been so busy with other things like...dancing, singing, knitting, cooking and stuff like that. Not really I'm just kiddin'. That was a trick for all you guys that are thinking "he likes that too?" Well it was a joke so you should be ashamed of yourself! I was probably lifting weights or boxing or something!

Anyway I have four races to report for you guys so get ready! I raced Kansas 70.3 and came...I can't remember ok so move on... Dino tri and came 3rd, Tri n July and came 1st and then Calgary 70.3 and came 5th. Right enough about the races lets talk about the juicy Boulder gossip!!! Well the college girls are back in town next week and the lads are pretty excited about that...I'm not, that means nothing to me.

Anyway I'm just teasing again lets talk about my latest race...Calgary 70.3. First of all the race was supremely organised. I e-mailed Dave Cracknell about 4 days before the race pleading to get me in. He did everything he could to get me on that start line and even found me an awesome home stay for the week-end. So that was a great start already.
I had to wake up at 3:55am in order to get the bus to the airport, and anyone that knows me will be know that that was not good at all. I tried to accept a lift to the airport from my misses (Heidi Spees), but she very hastily reclined her offer. Which denied me that extra 30 mins sleep in I could have had. So I managed to drive my car down to the car park and leave it there as I hastily made my way four blocks across town to the bus station. I arrived as the bus was leaving the depot...fortunatley the driver stopped and let me on...phew!
Anyway the rest of that trip is history.

I was pleased to discover I had three seats to my self on the way to Phoenix until I sat down and became rudely disturbed as I was just dropping off to sleep by a loud high pitched whail. I then noticed a screaming baby two seats back. Now don't get me wrong, babies are cute etc, but not when I wanna sleep. Hence for the rest of the flight my eyes were wide and tense as I listened to the beautiful sound of shrieking!
To my pleasant surprise, the next flight I was on to Calgary I was situated next to a nice young professional female golfer. At last someone I could brag and impress with my triathlon credentials lol. Which actually didn't take more than 1 minute lol! Well, 1 minute of the truth and the rest was total BS ha ha. Not really, it was all true damn it!

Anyway, I got to Calgary and was all ready to get going to my homestay. However it became apparent that my bag wasn't to make it there to be with me just yet. So I left and had to wait until 1am to get the call from the airport that it was safe and to be delivered to me later.
Lets fast forward to the race.

Well it turns out that I'm not as organized as I thought I was. As I got to transition 1 which was 40 minute drive away, I realised that I had left my timing chip, my Advil and my No Doz caffeine tablets in my other bag. But at least I remembered my goggles lol! Anyway fortuanatley I went scrounging around for the gear. Steve Hackett saved the day when he gave me some No Doz, and then another girl gave me some Advil. The only thing to sort out was the timing chip. That was ok too as I attained a spare from the race it's hammer time!!!

All the Pros started together...male and female. So just for the start of the race I treated the chicks like they were I said hammer time ha ha! I started out well with Stevie Hackett and Tim O'Donnell. Just as I was smiling to myself and totally praising my performance so far Stevie decied to take off as did Tim. They got a 4 metre gap on me so I quickly realised the danger and ignited the turbos!...I actually got no closer to them whatsoever and they eventually dropped me! But it was worth a go.
I exited the water in third after swimming against a tide of age group swimmers warming up. It turns out that the buoys had drifted into their path, hence why we swam into the middle of them. I told Tim afterwards that I reckon that mistake cost me 10 minutes, so really I probably should have won the race...I was lying of course.

Anyway I was biking like a beast...that was until Ben Hoffman flew past me with Jamie Whyte and James Cotter on a cadence of about 60! I managed to stay with them for about 45km until I was dropped on a downhill. I blame it on running out of gears and not having a disk wheel. But in truth, they were probably just real strong riders. I have to blame it something though hey? I have a rep to protect lol!
Well it turns out I rode solo for the rest of the ride until the next group caught me with 2km to go which involved Kirk Nelson a local triathlete to the Boulder area.

So the run was on baby! I ran out of transition like a gazelle! That was until I got out of everyones sight and then I chilled out to get my breath back. the run was tough and hot! I was trucking along with determination though and managed to pass two athletes, one of them was a guy that dropped me on the bike which was a good confidence boost for me as I knew him to be a good athlete and that the riders that dropped me may have worked harder on the bike which meant the run might be a bit tougher to endure in this heat for them. As it turns out I ran strong enough to take three places back to eventuate the race in 5th!!!
I was happy with the race overall as I really think the field was strong and the course was tough. I also grabbed a spot for the World Championships in Florida!
Well I basically had to go straight from the race to the casino to get the taxi back to the airport...I was starving! I didn't eat until I got back to Denver, but I was glad to be home!
Next race is Lake Stevens, and I promise the race report won't be as long as this one! Wake up!
Anyway girls and lads, I will write again when something juicy arises from the depths of Boulder!
Until next time amigos!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Hey everyone! It's now 22:30 and I'm just getting ready to go out on the town! Not really, unfortunately the life of a 29 triathlete does not permit that kind of a lifestyle. If only I was 25 again lol! I'm too old to burn the candle at both ends...unless any hot girls wanna go out, then I'll make a special effort.

Anyway, just a quick update on my week so far. Since my return from the capital (Washington for all you dumbos out there) I have been training pretty hard. After reviewing my race performance last week-end I decided to get back into those mountains and work that bike with my new found excitement to train. Even though I was tired during the bike leg of the race due to hammering those mountains for the past two weeks I was determined to smash through the fatigue and get that strength work in motion. Unfortunately after racing Joe Gambles and Simon Thompson on the Wednesday on a 100km ride, then swimming and running hard, I was pretty much done. Hence the new found enthusiasm and excitment had somewhat wavered lol!

The next day started off positive. The new found drive had returned and the previous day fatigue was long gone. So Lars Finanger and I (his blog is the Daily Expresso) s
et out early at 06:20 for the BAM open water swim at the Boulder res. I was flying! (even if I do say so myself). We met a few of the guys down there which consisted of Michael Lovato and Chris "Big Sexy" McDonald (Lars calls him "big sexy" mmm) and completed a few laps of the 800m course. I was accused of cheating by cutting the course...but it's ALL LIES I TELL YOU! The session is led by Jane Scott and has BAM members life guarding the res for us. It's an awesome set up. Well I put in some big efforts and was pretty proud of myself at the end of the swim. Michael and I discussed a time to meet for the ride and this is where things turned a little pear shaped.

If any of you guys have read Lars's blog you'll have heard that he's been "really ill" this week lol! He's posted it enough times. Emily (his wife) and I lost all sympathy for him on the 70th time he mentioned from the sofa about how ill he is ha ha! I actually totally understand what he's saying...he's got "man flu!" It's not like the regular flu chicks get...this is far worse, they just can't understand. The only thing that might come close to what "man flu" feels like is actually giving birth, and we all know the women have used that one way too much already lol!

Anyway, back to my story. Michael, Lars and I met for our ride. Lars turned b
ack early as he had to work (and he's been really ill), and this is where the fun starts for me. Michael was like a horse on caffeine (not sure what that means, but you get the picture). He was hammering down on those pedals like he was fighting for his life. I meanwhile was struggling next to him, pretending to sound fine as I was talking about something extremely interesting again to let him know that this pace was easy! But that didn't last long. I blew to bits! After 115km of watching Michael zoom off down the rode, then wait for me, then zoom off again whilst I tried to hang onto his wheel each time this happened, I was done. I informed him of my state of fatigue "Michael...just go...SAVE YOURSELF!!!" Anyway, fortunately he turned off right which allowed me to totally drop the pace and role on home. During this time it dawned on me just how screwed I was. I was just barely turning the cranks on my bike...20km/hour!!! Thats how much I'd bonked. I was starving! All I could think of was cheesburgers, sausage rolls, hot dogs, milk, cakes. I was so hungry I could smell the grass on the side of the road...and it smelled amazing, so good I was tempted to eat it! Everyone out there that has bonked this much knows what I'm talking about. I was just glad Michael...or any of my training buddies wasn't here to see this, how embaressing if they ever knew! I was glad however that my chick radar and libido was still working even in this state. I noticed a woman on the side of the road whilst coming into Boulder...very tasty, so just for that few seconds I had to perk up and ride strong just to impress ha ha! Mission accomplished.

Well if anyone asks me what I think heaven is like. Then I'd say that it's like totally blowing to bits on your bike to the state of deliriousness and then making it home to a fridge or cupboard full of food!!! I devoured everything I could get my hands on and it was the best feeling ever!

By the way, I don't dress like I have in this picture for my rides in the mount
ains. It's just the only photo I could download with a picture of me on my bike lol!

So the rest of the day was left free to organise stuff...yes you lot, I am organised. I even brought myself a planner to stick up on my bedroom door...oh I also put some posters up of me on my wall next to Mark Allen lol! Motivation technique.

That evening consisted of me being in a semi-concious state whist watching the NUGGETS vs LA LAKERS! Awesome game! So good actually that Lars comepared it to a "dance off"!............Silence filled the lounge. A DANCE OFF! HAHA! That woke me up! Disgraceful! He could have compared it to Muhammed Ali and George Foreman...but a dance off? WTF?! I think he regretted that one straight away. I accused him of watching "So you think you can dance". Which he denied vehemently!

Anyway, as it happens I woke up Friday morning feeling ill. SO the moral of me telling that Lars was ill and the fact that I blew to bits was all leading to the conclusion that I too am ill. Hence why I felt so poor on the bike. I'll be ok though, don't feel sorry for me.

Oh I forgot to mention that I have now had a profile issued on an awesome website called Check it out, there's loads of awesome athletes, news etc on there.

Anyway, gotta go to bed as I have a big day tomorrow riding in the mountains with a group of training buddies.

Take care readers!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hey everyone! Well Columbia triathlon has been completed by me once again.

The trip to Baltimore started off pretty good. At first I was slightly panicked as I couldn't find parking at the airport. Once I did I ran through the carpark with my luggage eventually reaching the checkouts with an hour to spare before take off. I was hot and tired and was constanly reminded by my Dads words to me "JIM! Why are you always late??? You have to be more professional! I bet the other Pro athletes are nothing like this...I bet they're here two hours before take off!" I felt disapointed as I realised that he might be right...however I then saw my friend and training buddy Michael Lovato (husband to Amanda) at the airport checking in behind me... he was surprisingly even more late than I was. It was great to see him but even better to know that there was a professional athlete that had a similar regard for time management as myself...I realised then that there was hope for me yet ha ha.

As I went to get my ticket though I was offered to take the later plane and recieve a $450 credit for another flight. I took it, but unfortunatley Michael and I were separated on different flights lol! I felt sorry for him as I know that he must have been so excited to sit by me thoughout the journey to Baltimore, but hey life is tough sometimes lol!!!
I sat down on the seats reading my book looking very nonchalant and cocky as everyone was standing and waiting in line to be seated for the next flight. When I finally boarded the next flight the smile was wiped off my face as I noticed that there was only one seat left, and the guy sitting in his seat and also half of my empty seat was probably weighing in excess of 300 pounds! I squashed myself in next to him as comfortably as possible. This situation was far too intimate for me...I felt like his bitch lying in bed next to him! All I could feel was his hot sweat seeping through my t-shirt! Oh can it get worse??? Well it did. We got delayed on the tarmac for an hour and half! We looked like little and large! I couldn't help but chuckle at first, and that soon became a total giggle fit on the plane which was also embarressing. The only good thing that came out of the flight was that the airhostess that was serving me was the hottest chick I have ever seen!!! I fell in love..for the 3rd time that day (there was two other hot chicks I noticed earlier on in the airport). Anyway, I saved my flirtatious charms as I didn't really didn't think being soaked in another mans sweat by sitting next to the big guy out of Austin Powers was going to be much of a help lol! Don't get me wrong I have nothing against over weight people, I just don't like sharing my seat as I paid good money for it. I wouldn't mind so much if it was female though.

Anyway enough chit chat, lets get to the race report!

Everything went well and the Columbia triathlon was great from the start of the week-end. The organisation was awesome, and the venue was beautiful! We even had an expo at the sheriton that was most impressive.
Race day morning was a little cold for me, but the decision was made to swim without wetsuits. I went out hard with my mate Michael Lovato to the left of me. We got a little boxed out from the main pack on the left hand side which eventuated in me getting dropped by the main pack. Which is frustrating for me as I should have been up there. It was fresh water so very little buoyancy. It made the swim tough but I started to pick it up well in the last 400 meters. I exited the water and hammered out onto the bike course. After 5km Michael Lovato went passed me even though I was thought I was grinding away pretty good. I was cold and my legs just didn't seem to be firing too well. I just put my head down and fought against the rain, but I couldn't help noticing the awesome houses around the area!!! They were huge!
To be honest despite not having ran for 7 weeks I was looking forward to getting off the bike just so I could get warm whilst running.

After 40km and half a bottle of drink I lunged off the bike and made my way to the run course. Now, the cycle course was tough...but the run course was even tougher! Beautiful though. Terrenzo was way ahead in the distance in his battle to win against Andrew Yoder and I was in 6th position holding off the chase from Adam Webber and Holden Comeau. I could feel in my legs with every stride the harsh impact on the tarmac due to the lack of run training. It was cold so the first 3 miles seemed to hurt that little bit more. The calfs were tight and the quads were heavy. Webber caught up to me on mile 4 but to my relief the warmth in my veins had reached the muscles. I got fired up and started to smash the down hills as hard and as fast as my legs could go. I remember Craig Alexander pulled away from me in training one day on a down hill with tremendous speed. He then said to me afterwards " gotta learn how to run downhill, it's where you can drop them". He was right, and now was a good time to demonstrate that fact.

Anyway, I continued with that effort until I reached the finish line in 6 th position.
Overall I wasn't disapointed with my race, but I am not satisfied at all either. The swim was ok, but not good and the bike portion was a big surprise as I really expected to perform a lot better than what I did. The only thing that I was pleased with was the run. I haven't ran for such a long time, and yet it was my most saisfiable discipline of the day. Anyway, in general i like to take each and every race as a learning experience. The most important part of being an athlete is the state of mind. As long as you maintain a sheer determination to perform at your absolute best at all times, and the fire is roaring in the heart then there is always hope and the dream is still alive. Ha ha! It's true but for some reason it sounded good in my head, but real pathetic on paper!

My next race is Eagleman or Kansas so back to Boulder now to work on the problems that I have exposed from this race.

Anyway, I'm in my hotel room now writing up this and also organising my day trip for tomorrow...well, I am near Washington so I might as well go and see the sights!!!
Take care and speak to you soon


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hi there! Me again. Well it's race week! My next race is this Sunday so I just booked my tickets last night to Columbia in Washington DC. I'm not a big fan of writing too much about triathlon as I tend to go off on a tangent about other things, but as it's my job and most of the readers of my blog are triathletes this is a special edition haha! All about triathlon today...well mostly. Infact I've changed my mind, lets talk about chicks and booze. I was actually thinking of changing this blog and grasping the opportunity to use it as a triathlon dating agency. Unfortunately I'm just kiddin'.
Anyway back the pre-race report...All is good here at the moment. I've been swimming hard and cycling like Lance (during his retirement lol!) I still haven't been able to run just yet, so I'm counting 6 and a half weeks or something with my feet off the tarmac. I blame the track for this injury along with lack of massage. So for anyone that's wondering...stay off the track unless you're sure you're conditioned enough to handle it, and don't miss out on massage to save the pennies! But most importantly don't try to race Brad Kahlefeldt in training whilst running track cos he'll hurt you. He's only one of the fastest runners in triathlon, but I was convinced I could take him on haha! I learned the hard way.
Anyway, my race tactics are very complicated, so grab a pen and pad and take notes to refer back to. My tactics are to get a 2 minute lead out of the swim, then out bike the next fastest cyclist by 5 minutes, and then jog the run to win the gold! The crowd will be hysterical..."Hadley is the best we've ever seen!" Got that? What? Why you laughing?...Ok obviously that's crap. I'm gonna hang on to whoever I can on the swim, then draft off of whoever I can draft off on the bike, get a time penalty and then blow up on the run. Lol Just kidding again. Just for the record I NEVER draft. It really frustrates me when I see others doing it.
Really I'm going flat out on the swim, flat out on the bike and then flat out on the run. I'm expecting to hurt bad on the run due to lack of run miles and it's a hard course, but that's ok.
Anyway, I know what you're thinking...forget the race, whats happenning after the race? The party? Sorry, all will be revealed in my other blog
Anyway, thats enough for today. I have to do some training, so speak soon and I'll write up my race report on Monday. Hadmeister

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hi again. Just thought I'd write a little more as I've just worked out how to put photos on this out girls you'll be pasted all over my blog page when you least expect it haha! Especially the hot ones. Did you notice the Maxim hot girls of the day at the bottom of the page...thats for the lads to look at. Sorry girls you can look at the pictures of me haha!...maybe not.

Anyway today was a good day. I found out from my physio Bob Cranney that I have periostitis in my soleus muscle. I know I've spelt that wrong, but hey I can't find the spell check on this thing and really I don't care either. But I've had some cortisone cream put on it so all should be good for next week.

Swimming has been going well as has t
he cycling so I was thinking of taking a trip up to Denver soon as a treat for training so hard and visiting my favourite bar in the world...thats right, Coyote Uglys. If you haven't been there you should. No really it's not about the girls, I don't go to watch them, honestly, I just heard that the music and the beer is real good lol.
I have been trying to drag a few l
ads up there to go with me, so if you're intersted let me know. Unfortunatley I don't drink anymore so thats kinda ruined it a bit. But the dancers still look good. Judge for yourself...
Well, I'm going out now to grab some dinner with a few friends. See you soon

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hey, this is the Hadmeister. First time I've ever written anything in relation to blogs or website etc so bare with me. This will probably be full of spelling mistakes and stupid stories. I'm not actually sure how to even view my blog once I've written, but thanks to Lars Finanger (who I'm living with along with his wife Emily...oh and the two dogs Thor and Izzy) I've started to actually post something on a blog.

Anyway it's great to be back here in Boulder Colorado after having spent a few months on the Gold Coast of Australia training with an awesome group that consisted of ITU World Cup athlete Brad Kahlefeldt, Tyler Butterfield and Johnny Polson all led by Aussie coach Chris Lang. Training out there was awesome! Beautiful sunshine and great swimming in the outdoor me the chance for an all year round tan!

After training on the Gold Coast I felt pretty fit. Despite badly injuring my soleus muscle that put me out of running for six weeks. I picked up the swimming and the cycling so all else is going good. Fortunatley I have been to see legendary physio Bob Cranney. He is in my opinion the best physio I have ever seen. He always gets me fixed up, hence I'll be back running again by the week end, just in time to race Columbia next week.

I'm actually feeling alright at the moment. It's always hard coming to altitude from sea level. It really takes about 2-3 weeks to start feeling good. I arrived here last wednesday evening so to feel and train this well at the moment is a good sign that my fitness is where I want it to be. Either that or I'm stupid and pushing it too hard haha! I'll have blown by this time next week. As long as I'm not injured I don't care about blowing a gasket.
Oh also I don't know if any of you know a guy called Marek Dvorek or however you spell his name. But he's a single (straight...I think) guy that is looking for love haha! So if you have anyone in mind...a blind date even then come down to flatirons pool and ask for him...he's not fussy so don't be shy lol!

Anway I'm excited to send my first post so thats all I'm writing for today.

Tomorrow I'm swimming and then riding Super James for a bit of strength work with Marek.

Speak to you soon