Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hi there! Me again. Well it's race week! My next race is this Sunday so I just booked my tickets last night to Columbia in Washington DC. I'm not a big fan of writing too much about triathlon as I tend to go off on a tangent about other things, but as it's my job and most of the readers of my blog are triathletes this is a special edition haha! All about triathlon today...well mostly. Infact I've changed my mind, lets talk about chicks and booze. I was actually thinking of changing this blog and grasping the opportunity to use it as a triathlon dating agency. Unfortunately I'm just kiddin'.
Anyway back the pre-race report...All is good here at the moment. I've been swimming hard and cycling like Lance (during his retirement lol!) I still haven't been able to run just yet, so I'm counting 6 and a half weeks or something with my feet off the tarmac. I blame the track for this injury along with lack of massage. So for anyone that's wondering...stay off the track unless you're sure you're conditioned enough to handle it, and don't miss out on massage to save the pennies! But most importantly don't try to race Brad Kahlefeldt in training whilst running track cos he'll hurt you. He's only one of the fastest runners in triathlon, but I was convinced I could take him on haha! I learned the hard way.
Anyway, my race tactics are very complicated, so grab a pen and pad and take notes to refer back to. My tactics are to get a 2 minute lead out of the swim, then out bike the next fastest cyclist by 5 minutes, and then jog the run to win the gold! The crowd will be hysterical..."Hadley is the best we've ever seen!" Got that? What? Why you laughing?...Ok obviously that's crap. I'm gonna hang on to whoever I can on the swim, then draft off of whoever I can draft off on the bike, get a time penalty and then blow up on the run. Lol Just kidding again. Just for the record I NEVER draft. It really frustrates me when I see others doing it.
Really I'm going flat out on the swim, flat out on the bike and then flat out on the run. I'm expecting to hurt bad on the run due to lack of run miles and it's a hard course, but that's ok.
Anyway, I know what you're thinking...forget the race, whats happenning after the race? The party? Sorry, all will be revealed in my other blog hadley@pornspot.com
Anyway, thats enough for today. I have to do some training, so speak soon and I'll write up my race report on Monday. Hadmeister


Amanda Lovato said...

Love your blog James!
However, I gotta tell ya...Columbia is not located in Washington D.C. Columbia is located in MD. Columbia is located between Baltimore and D.C.
And just to let you know, I did try using my blog as a dating service for my sister, Diana. She actually had a few inquiries. Def worth a shot...:)
See ya this weekend!

Hadmeister General said...

Thanks Amanda...love yours too!
I knew Columbia wasn't in Washington really, it was a test to see who was really reading what I wrote lol. You have passed the test and won a prize...not really, I didn't have a clue what I was talking about lol.
Ok dating service it is! I could actually make some money off this. I think I'll start with setting marek up, he's always keen. As long as he can be in bed by 9pm he'll go out with any chick haha!
See you at the weekend

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