Friday, May 8, 2009

Hi again. Just thought I'd write a little more as I've just worked out how to put photos on this out girls you'll be pasted all over my blog page when you least expect it haha! Especially the hot ones. Did you notice the Maxim hot girls of the day at the bottom of the page...thats for the lads to look at. Sorry girls you can look at the pictures of me haha!...maybe not.

Anyway today was a good day. I found out from my physio Bob Cranney that I have periostitis in my soleus muscle. I know I've spelt that wrong, but hey I can't find the spell check on this thing and really I don't care either. But I've had some cortisone cream put on it so all should be good for next week.

Swimming has been going well as has t
he cycling so I was thinking of taking a trip up to Denver soon as a treat for training so hard and visiting my favourite bar in the world...thats right, Coyote Uglys. If you haven't been there you should. No really it's not about the girls, I don't go to watch them, honestly, I just heard that the music and the beer is real good lol.
I have been trying to drag a few l
ads up there to go with me, so if you're intersted let me know. Unfortunatley I don't drink anymore so thats kinda ruined it a bit. But the dancers still look good. Judge for yourself...
Well, I'm going out now to grab some dinner with a few friends. See you soon

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