Saturday, September 15, 2012

From where I left off

Hello readers! Welcome back to HadmeisterGeneral. I thought I would write a new blog as my cool new website is now online! A lot has happened since my last post in 2011. I won't go into details but a quick over view is probably needed. So here is where I left off from 2011. My last race in 2011 was Cancun 70.3. My girlfriend Kris came to see me race this time. I swam well in the front pack and cycled strong also whilst trying to make a few break away attempts with fellow triathlete buddy Tim Reed. I moved to the front of the lead pack with 5km to go. It was then that I hit a rogue piece of concrete in the road which was camouflaged by poor road conditions. My arms jumped off the tri bars and my chest took their place. The front wheel wobbled, hit a log in the rough grassland to the side of the road - I flew off into the trees somersaulting as I went through the air at 45kph! I stood up put my cycling shoe back on, fixed my chain, briefly checked myself and the bike for breaks...and jumped back on. I couldn't breathe well at all and my femur (leg) was agony. I was determined to finish so I could at least get a pay check. After a long agonizing 13 miles I finished the race in 7th. Pay check, but I had to endure a few days of pain bed ridden in Mexico. I had torn ligaments in my back and a hematoma on my femur. So that was the end of race season. Beginning of the sleepless uncomfortable nights and a return to work...snow removal and gutter cleaning paid the bills for the next few months. After Christmas in UK with my family I returned to Boulder to start training. An extra 15lbs accompanied me again after the time off I had to recover and work. I raced a few times early season, grabbed a 3rd place in Kansas 5150, a 7th place at New Orleans 5150 and a 4th place at Rev3 Wisconsin.
Training has been great throughout the summer of 2012. My buddy Leon Griffin returned to Boulder after 2 years away! We've been hammering through some great sessions. I consistantly train with a handful of athletes here in Boulder that help keep an awesome, lighthearted positive attitude during the tough training days. Athletes such as Leon Griffin, Drew Scott (yes...son of legendary Dave Scott), Tom O'Donnell and even Craig Alexander sometimes. The training here is second to none...I love it! Seven days a week there's organized cycling rides, running groups and great swim sessions at FlatIrons Athletic club. Next race for me is Cozumel 70.3 this weekend (23rd Sep). A week later I'm excited to announce my first F1 race in San Diego that my friend Lars Finanger has been organizing. Awesome event! On the 14th Oct I'll be racing the Rev3 Anderson, then the Rev3 Florida on the 28th! Four races to go to close off 2012. Exciting times! So, whilst missing a huge amount of interesting stories that I'm sure you'd very much want to read, you're pretty much up date with the main gist of things. Oh I forgot to mention that I also brought a dog for my girlfriends birthday. She's a blue Heeler, just like the dog in the hit TV show 'Wilfred'. She loves me a lot, so I decided to keep her and not send her packing back to the Humane Society lol.
I'll be updating this much more from now on, so please keep checking in! Adios Amigos! Hadmeister General

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